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When you hear of poultry, you will immediately think of the usual chicken reared by professional farmers. These will be birds like broilers (mainly reared for white meat) and layers (as the name goes, they are reared for eggs).

Several farmers across the country do a different kind of poultry which is more profitable to them. The sectors has less competition hence pushing the profit margins higher than those of layers and broiler.

These farmers are rearing Quails, Guinea fouls, Ostrich, Turkey, Ducks, and Goose. Some other poultry include Israeli Local Breed of chicken (see the picture below) imported into the country as eggs and hutched or as live birds.

Israeli Local Rooster

An Israeli Local Breed of rooster

This kind of chicken is way bigger than the local Kenya chicken weighing and fetching more profits as well






Others include Bantam Poultry. These are a smaller variety of poultry compared to the others. They include Bantam Ducks, Chicken, and Geese.

Bantam/Dwaf Chicken

Bantam Chicken

These birds are most sort after as ornamental birds and come at a fortune well at KSh. 500-9500/= a mature bird (prices are per farmer)

These are some of the high profit poultry you can keep at your backyard or back at the country side to fetch some more income.

You may be wondering where to get the market for these kind of birds. The market as explained by one farmer at Ruiru is insatiable. Hotels and fellow farmers are after these kind of birds more than the usual layers and broilers that have heavily flooded the market all over the country. Fellow farmers will be after the birds for breeding. Breeding stock cost a little more than birds sold for meat.

And the challenges:

Birds like quails and bantams don’t hatch eggs. You have to use an incubator to hatch there eggs. They are poor mothers as well meaning you have to keep the chicks in a brooder to keep a low mortality. Other birds like turkey are very poor mothers. Turkey chicks are also very susceptible to diseases at their early stages which makes their survival rate very low if not well taken care of.

To rear the wild birds (such as Ostrich, Guinea fowl and Quail), you will have to apply for a permit from KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service), which is not a hustle to get nowadays as a Karen farmer explains.


0 # Solomon 2011-11-17 23:58
-2 # joe kiarie 2012-01-06 16:56
Is it possible we get some information on how to do a start up biz in chicken rearing requirements etc some colleagues are struggling getting this information? 8)
0 # Jonathan N 2012-01-06 17:28
Due to some health concerns, some chicken clients are really interested in naturally reared birds. This seems to be fetching more than the commercially reared ones. The only draw back is the maturity period if you need quick returns :eek:
0 # Solomon 2012-01-06 19:00
@joe: Information is all over with the farmers. Keep checking and am sure there will be some very good start-up info posted on layers and broilers. Wht i have noticed is that most farmers are moving away from broilers due to an overcrowded market.
More poultry farmers r also doing layers with kuku kienyeji.
@Jonathan: farmer needs patience, any farmer who is in for a quick buck burns fingers plus toes :lol:
Imagine a rearing turkey, or geese...these bagas take long to mature. Ama hata ostrich which takes almost 4yrs to mature :lol:
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