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A nursery bed is a specially prepared portion of land put aside for raising seedlings. It acts as a temporary home for young plants until they are eventually planted in a permanent garden.

The following are the requirements to make a nursery bed:

Fork: For removing any unwanted materials from the garden
Hoe: For tilling and removal of weeds
Spade: For carrying soil, weeds
Rake: For removing any unwanted rubbish
Watering can: To water the plants
String and sticks: For measuring to ensure proper spacing

Site selection. The nursery should be located near the planting site so as the transplants are taken to the main garden without any damages that may be involved where distances are long, located near a water source because irrigation may be necessary, protected from strong wind, should not be located on a slope unless it is terraced since this may lead to erosion of not only the necessary top soil but the plants as well.

They should also face where sun comes from as plants need sunlight for better growth and should not to be located in a water logged area. It is the farmer’s choice depending on the type of soil whether to do a sunken nursery bed or a raised bed.

Preparation. Clear all the weeds and grass. Measure one meter wide of any convenience length and dig well. Fertilize each three meters square with one wheelbarrow of compost and sand to make a thick layer then water the bed.

Planting seeds. Plant your seeds in rows.

Nursery bed

It is recommended that lines face where the sun rises from. Make straight lines, 2 cm deep at a spacing of 7 cm apart. The size of the seed is the size of soil you put or cover the seed with. Mulch the bed with dry grass, and then water it using a watering can. Water the bed whenever it is necessary and avoid over watering it.

Germination. The seeds will start germinating after 5 – 7 days. Remove the grass and then put a shade 1 m high and ensure some sun light go through.

Germination 7 days

Trans-planting. When seedlings are ready for transplanting remove the shade a day before trans-planting as this gives the seedling chance to get used to the strong sun-shine. Transplant early in the morning or late in the evening (from 6 – 10 am or 4 – 6pm).

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